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A Dermatologists Frustration Transformed Into Innovation

Welcome to The Skin Diary, where science meets dedication to bring you truly transformative skincare. Our brand story is one of truth and commitment, born from the vision of our founder, Dr Clare Kiely, a renowned Consultant Dermatologist in London specialising in skin ageing and skin cancer. Dr Kiely’s obsession with skincare science grew over 15 years of studying the skin, culminating in a masters degree in skin ageing. It was during this time that she began delving into skincare formulations, feeling frustrated by the lack of awareness about the benefits of medical grade anti-ageing creams and the abundance of pseudo-science in the skincare market. Determined to provide a solution, she embarked on a mission. 


Dr Clare Kiely & Professor Chris Griffiths OBE

Dr Kiely took her vision to create a world first 7-day morning and evening skincare routine. This meticulously crafted regimen combines the best active medical grade ingredients with a careful balance of active compounds. Navigating the world of skincare can be overwhelming, with numerous products and complicated routines. At the Skin Diary we have simplified the process and improved the efficacy.

In her pursuit, Dr. Kiely was fortunate to gain support from Professor Chris Griffiths OBE, a pioneering dermatologist and scientist with over three decades of experience studying skin ageing and rejuvenation strategies. His ground breaking research at the Universities of Michigan and Manchester laid the foundations for our understanding of how retinoids work in the skin, firmly establishing them as the gold standard active ingredient for skin rejuvenation. This knowledge was not only accepted by the scientific community, but by the wider public as retinol is now a household name.

His extensive knowledge led him to develop his own unique anti-ageing compound, rigorously tested against the gold standard, Tretinoin. Remarkable results were revealed through scientific tests on human skin examined at a microscopic level using skin biopsies, which is unique in the cosmetic skin-care arena. The data from these studies have been presented at international scientific symposia and published in the dermatology literature.

Together, Clare and Chris combined their visions to create The Skin Diary. Our brand is built on a foundation of truth and integrity in scientific research. We collaborate with dermatologists and researchers throughout the UK to continuously innovate and expand our range.

The Skin Diary Is born

By formulating a concise and streamlined routine, we ensure that every step is purposeful and impactful. Our goal is to provide you with a skincare experience that is not only effective but also effortlessly integrated into your daily life. We want you to experience the joy and ease of a simplified routine while achieving remarkable results.

The Skin Diary has rapidly gained strength and recognition within the industry, thanks to our unwavering commitment to delivering transformative skincare experiences.

We collaborate closely with dermatologists and researchers throughout the UK, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and expanding our range. Through our continuous efforts, we strive to meet the evolving needs of our customers and provide them with skincare solutions that truly make a difference.

Join us on this journey of simplicity, effectiveness, and scientific integrity. Experience the transformative power of The Skin Diary and unlock the potential of your skin. Together, let us redefine skincare and embark on a path to radiant and youthful-looking skin.

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