Skin Cycling

Skin Cycling

What Is Skin Cycling & Why Does It Matter?

Skin Cycling ensures the maximum potency of active ingredients are delivered into your skin with less chance of adverse reactions

Skin Cycling is a strategic approach that has long been recommended by Dermatologists, particularly when it comes to initiating retinoids – a powerful anti-ageing compound.

Backed by extensive research, retinoids have the remarkable ability to transform photo-aged skin, reducing wrinkles, improving texture, and boosting collagen. Leading studies on retinoids have been conducted at the Skin Research Unit of the University of Manchester in the UK by our renowned Founders, Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Chris Griffiths, and Head of The Skin Diary Academy, Dr Tamara Griffiths.

With 20-80 times the potency of over-the-counter retinols, prescription grade retinoids require a step-up regime monitored by Dermatologists. Without the guidance of a Dermatologist, it is difficult for most people to determine the right amount of product to use, when to increase the dose, and which other products to incorporate into their routine. 

As Dermatologists, we have noticed increased skin issues like irritation and dermatitis due to overuse of products and layering. Not all ingredients work well together. Layering lots of different products onto your skin is counter productive as your skin is naturally a barrier. If you over apply, most will be rendered ineffective.

Skincare has become overly complicated with numerous products. The Skin Diary simplifies your routine by using complimentary formulations that work together in harmony.

Embracing a less is more philosophy, The Skin Diary encourages a thoughtful and deliberate approach to your skincare routine.